Coastal Infrastructure Management Unit (CIMU)

Vision of CIMU

The vision of CIMU is to become a “hub of technical excellence” that extends support in planning, designing, developing and maintaining coastal infrastructure facilities and manage them based on sound engineering principles for the benefit of coastal communities.

Mision Of CIMU

CIMU collects, processes, stores and disseminates coastal information that provides a scientific basis for developing coastal engineering and management solutions. CIMU's mission is to provide an organic connect between coastal data and engineering design.

Coastal Infrastructure Management Unit (CIMU) is a new institutional entity within which CMIS is embedded. CIMU is mandated to maintain all coastal assets and to upgrade and replace them when necessary. CIMU employs staff with specialized coastal management skills to maintain self owned capital assets as well as to provide technical and managerial advice to other coastal agencies.

CIMU is the custodian of CMIS. It aims to serve a broad spectrum of stakeholders including state government departments, industry associations (e.g. fishing industry, ship building industry), local government bodies (e.g. municipal corporations, zilla panchayats and gram panchayats), statutory bodies (e.g. Karnataka Coastal Zone Management Authority) port authorities, ferry operators, fishing community, and other coastal communities.