S.No Name of Subproject Problem Location Coordinates Length of Protection (m)
District Taluk Latitude Longtitude
1 Yermal Thenka Erosion, Wave Overtopping Udupi Udupi 13° 9' 51.7"N 74° 45' 13.14"E 4,500

The proposed coastal protection scheme at Yermal Thenka covers a stretch of coast of length 4.5 km extending from Yermal Thenka in the south up to Uchila in the north. The intervention involves beach scraping along the entire 4.5 km coastline to build sand dune to reduce erosion effects and prevent flooding on the coastal road and to rehabilitate the existing rock revetment for a length of 2.8km in the north . The beach scraping is proposed to be carried out in two seasons viz. pre-monsoon (March-April) and post-monsoon (October – November) during 2018-2020. The total estimated cost of the proposed scheme at Yermal Thenka is $12.0 Million.

  • Start Date: Yet to commence
  • End Date:

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